At Large Member

Susan grew up in Chesapeake, VA and moved to the D.C. area in 1993. She sang in a jazz ensemble and the madrigals in college and wanted to continue singing in her new home, so she joined Potomac Harmony, a Sweet Adelines International barbershop chorus, as a baritone. After an eight-year hiatus initiated by several location moves, including to California and back, she really wanted to start singing again. She knew of the Alexandria Singers from her previous time in Northern Virginia and in 2008, decided to give them a try. She has been home ever since! She has served as the ticket coordinator (aka Ticket Guru) since the spring of 2009, webmaster from 2010-2015, and has enjoyed being the Treasurer since 2013. In her professional life, she has worked briefly in watch repair, and then as an administrative assistant. She has done some web design and graphic design in the past but is now working toward her Master's degree in Library Science with hopes of becoming an archivist. She currently works for a government contractor as a graphic designer, travel coordinator and administrative assistant. She holds Bachelor's degrees in Graphic Design, and History, which is a particular passion in addition to her passion for music.