“Artistry, Education and Service”

That’s the mission of The Alexandria Singers. All three elements came to life on July 18th at Convergence in Alexandria, with the inaugural event “Sing For Your Life!” a free vocal workshop open to the community.

Twenty-one “students,” ranging in age from 12 to 70, participated in an interactive workshop mentored by experienced Singers whose encouragement made the learning experience comfortable and fun.

“A wonderful, positive experience learning techniques, practicing and performing with a group!”

Under the direction of Singers’ Music Director, Bill Colosimo, and renowned choral educator, Sheryl Berlin, students demonstrated their ability to learn and apply fundamental ensemble singing skills: proper singing posture, breath support, annunciation, and the ability to sing with confidence and quality.  Participants were also provided with a free private voice lesson, a first for virtually all the students.  The workshop culminated with a performance, open to friends and families of the participants.

“You delivered as promised…the afternoon was a blast”

Feedback following “Sing For Your Life!” was overwhelmingly positive, ensuring that this event will become a staple of The Singers’ outreach efforts in the coming years.

Singing, particularly with a group, enhances an individual’s life in many ways: physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritualy.  The experience of this innovative workshop demonstrated that purpose to all who participated.