Select a song to sing in its entirety from any genre that you feel best showcases your voice.


Please limit your performance and introduction to no more than FIVE (5) minutes in length.


Submitted performances are to be “performance ready;” ie. memorized, performed with appropriate visual energy, etc. The video you submit must be a “full run” of your performance, not edited sections stitched together. Although you are welcome to record until you’re satisfied, we need to see one full run-through of your performance. (Good news here is that you can review and re-record your own performance to ensure you’re generally pleased with the outcome before submission!)




  • Your recording method should only be as “professional” as your resources allow. There is NO need to obtain any additional hardware or tools to prepare something.
  • You may record your video in either portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation.
  • You may find and use an accompaniment/karaoke style track playing on one device with a speaker (tablet, computer, mobile device, etc.) while you video yourself on your phone. [Tracks used should have no additional lead vocals.]
  • On a mobile device, using the screen side/selfie camera allows you to see that you are comfortably in your shot throughout your performance. Ensure the recording device is steady and still; a tripod helps with this if available.
  • Alternatively, you can have a member of your household man the camera or phone to record your performance. Please ask them to maintain a steady pose for a clear and simple video cut, no cinematics required.
  • Ensure that your environment is as quiet as possible when you record to eliminate distractions to you or your viewers.



  • Video submissions must not exceed five (5) minutes from start to finish. 
  • Immediately after you begin recording, before you begin singing, state your full name and the title of the song you will be singing. Following your introduction, you may press start on your accompaniment track (if using one) and begin your performance. Please stop your accompaniment track when you are done singing, then stop your recording, to ensure the very end is not lost/clipped in the footage.
  • No matter the recording device, it is ideal that the final product be in either .mov or .mp4 format. Please try to avoid recording in other formats or use a tool to convert from other formats (examples: .wmv, .avi or .flv). Thank you.
  • TIP: If you are using the popular karaoke app Smule to record, the “share” feature/icon will produce a .mp4 file that you can download to your mobile device or send to yourself for transfer to your computer.
  • Rename your file: YOUR NAME_SONG TITLE; if you are more comfortable doing this step on your computer, you will need to transfer your file from your recording device to your computer. If you’d prefer to upload directly from your mobile device, we would still appreciate your attempt to rename your video file on that device.



Deadline is 5pm EST, Thursday, September 9, 2021

  • Video submissions through the following link can be done from a computer OR a mobile device, once you’ve renamed your video.
  • All prepared videos are to be submitted via uploading from your file location to a private Dropbox folder. You do not need to be a Dropbox user to submit your work! This is a secure site and your submission will be visible only to the audition judging panel; you cannot see any other submitted files, only the judging panel has that access.
  • Here’s the link to easily upload a file; this link will expire after the submission deadline has passed:
  • If you have technical trouble clicking the Dropbox link above from your mobile device, please email our Membership Team at [email protected] and they can send you the link directly. 

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR VIDEO IS 5 PM EST, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th. This deadline applies to all candidates, regardless of preferred Guest Night date. We regret that submissions cannot be accepted after this deadline and the link will become inactive. This allows the judging panel necessary time to review all submitted audition videos in advance of our first Guest Night on September 14th.


To view these instructions as a Printable PDF CLICK HERE.