Alicia grew up in rural upstate New York. She has loved music since first hearing the 78 albums of her parents that included jazz, big band, show tunes, classical and popular music for the 1930’s and 1940’s. She has sung in multiple choirs, starting in elementary school. Playing Guinevere in Camelot was a highlight of her senior year in high school. She earned a bachelor of arts degree with majors in sociology and psychology and a minor in music. Upon completing her master's degree in social work in 1980, Alicia moved to the northern Virginia area.

For the past 38 years, she has worked with children and families in the field of mental health and substance abuse therapy. Throughout her career, Alicia has looked for opportunities to facilitate youth developing their creative abilities in the arts, finding it a great resource to promote recovery. In her role as program manager for outpatient therapy programs for youth and families in Prince William County Community Services, Alicia encourages staff to use the arts in their work with clients and to enhance their own lives.

Alicia joined The Alexandria Singers in the winter of 2010. She appreciates how the singers support each other’s growth as singers as well as the comradery and frivolity. Alicia has served as First Vice President and Secretary on the Board of Directors of The Alexandria Singers. In addition to singing jazz and show tunes, Alicia has a passion for the beach, traveling, plays, musical events and ethnic food.

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